Call for donations

Call for donations for the SLS project “Cercle de Travail pour la Paix” (CTP) in Ehmej, Lebanon.

Solidarité Liban-Suisse (SLS) has been working in Stans since its foundation in 1988 to support Lebanon, which was severely affected by the civil war (1975-1991) and by armed conflicts with large numbers of refugees in the Middle East.

Over the past ten years, 750 scholarships, including 200 university scholarships, have been awarded to young Lebanese from needy families.
Scholarships are linked to the obligation to work for peace in the immediate environment and in the country.

In 2014 scholarship holders founded the association “Engagement pour la Paix” (EPP). EPP is now a partner association of the SLS in Lebanon.

The “Cercle de Travail pour la Paix” is primarily intended as a meeting place for current and former scholarship holders.
A place where they can deepen and concretize their commitment to peace.
The CTP as a meeting place should also form a bridge between Switzerland and Lebanon. It should concretely promote awareness raising, dialogue, exchange, education and training, ethical development and commitment to the needy.

Every gift, however modest, helps us to get closer to our goal. A big thank you for your generosity and your trust!
The Board of SLS

More information:
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