Sport Archive

Teams compete with each other in sports competitions worldwide. The origin or religion does not matter, it is the common competition, the goal to achieve a victory with each other, to treat the other with respect and to see a chance in the defeat. SLS tries to convey the fun of play and sport, bringing light and variety to everyday life.

Sport connects through common experiences and activities (joy / fun in the game) regardless of origin, language and religion.

Sport is a very meaningful leisure activity (real life school – promotes well-being, discipline and social skills) and welcome distraction especially for “top-heavy” students. In sports, there are opportunities to achieve something through hard training – just as the scholarships make it possible.

Young people in Lebanon should be encouraged under the label / motto “Sport & Peace” to do sports together. You will receive expert guidance and the necessary aids (sports equipment and possibly also sports clothes – uniform shirts).

With the label / motto “Sport & Peace” and a kind of code of honor from the sources of the vision of peace, fairness and respect are placed at the center of the sporting activities. It should be promoted more than just sports, namely a basic attitude.

The starting point could be sports such as beach volleyball and foot volleyball (, for which there is little need for infrastructure, tools and participants. Based on this, football and volleyball or another sport could eventually be promoted. Finally, young people from Lebanon and Switzerland as well as other nations should meet for the purpose of sport and peaceful coexistence or meet at international events.


  • Clarification of needs / feasibility in Switzerland and Lebanon (resources)
  • elaborate detail concept (possibly develop logo)
  • find coordinators in Switzerland and Lebanon (sports teachers / interested young people / officials of sports clubs or associations)

Long-term goals:

  • Development of “Sport & Peace” – training programs in and out of schools / own sports events and also in the context of events (combination with spirituality, music and culture)

Buochs, 30th March 2010, Benedikt Zwyssig