Crisis in Lebanon

The serious crisis in Lebanon today affects all the people who live there, not just the poorest among them. The catastrophic explosion in the port of Beirut on 4 August shook the country at a time when the people needed hope rather than another blow of fate. In the field of school education, for example: especially in these last few months, many brave and energetic men and women have been working to prepare the schools, which have been closed since the Corona pandemic, for the new school year. They did this despite the economic hardship, the pandemic and the galloping inflation.

Solidarité-Liban-Suisse is in close contact with its partner schools in Lebanon and will again support children and young people from disadvantaged and suffering families in the new school year by providing financial assistance for school fees.

We are also currently clarifying how we can support those of our partner schools in and around Beirut which were damaged by the explosion on August 4th.