In the spirit of the Swiss patron “Bruder Klaus” and the patron of peace “St. Charbel” from Lebanon who both were exemplary fighting for peace also SLS tries to follow this ethic to bring help wherever needed with open mind and the trust in God.

Spiritual alliance between Switzerland and Lebanon

The hermits of peace:
Saint Bruder Klaus von der Flüe and Saint Charbel

On 18. April 2006 a relic from St. Bruder Klaus was received in the monastry St. Maroun in Annaya. In this place, where the mortal remains of St. Charbel are resting, the spritual alliance between Switzerland and Lebanon was announced in the presence of friends from Switzerland, France and Lebanon.

On 24. October 2006 the same spiritual alliance between Switzerland and Lebanon was announced in the church of Sachseln, the place where the mortal remains of St. Bruder Klaus, patron of Switzerland, are resting. A holy mass was celebrated by Reverend Youssef Bechara, Father Paul Nahed, Pastor Willy Gasser and Father Paul Kathriner. Pastor Willy Gasser und Father Kathriner are members of SLS.

In the occasion of this celebration Armin Gruber, Vicepresident of SLS, was holding a speech in which he emphasized the goals of our assiciation, namely the support of disadvantaged children and adolsecents in the “Schools of Peace” to contribute to the construction of peace in such a manner.

Our group of prayers pray to the patrons of peace for their help every second Tuesday between 19.00h and 19.30h for Peace, Conciliation and Cure. There is a summer break in the months of July and August.