Foyer de la Lumière

The humanitarian association “Foyer de la Lumière” (or Beit-El-Nour in Arabic), founded in 1986, deals with the prevention and re-education of underage girls and boys, social cases or victims of violence and sexual exploitation, and the accommodation of homeless minors who are morally and psychologically weakened by their living conditions.

Since 2013, the campaign with children of Syrian refugees has been a major part of their work and mission.

This association, founded by Brother Nour, a Greek Catholic monk, is currently headed by Father Elias Chatawi, director of the Greek Catholic Patriarchal College. Chairman is Dr. Caracache, director and vice president with a board of 11 members.

The “Foyer de la Lumière” offers homeless minors and victims of violence and sexual exploitation through literacy, moral reeducation, professional or semi-professional training and psychological support the opportunity to reintegrate into society. This without discrimination regarding race or religion.

The resources of the “Foyer de la Lumière” (Beit-El-Nour) come mainly from donations through a network of local and foreign friends and benefactors.

With a limited annual budget, it currently helps several hundred cases of rehabilitation and re-education as well as with preventive measures for young people.

The four main projects or programs of the Foyer de la Lumière (Beit-el-Nour) for 2020:

  • Aid, emergency aid and education programs for children of Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
  • Intensive professional training in the central prison for women in Baabda, Tripoli and Zahlé.
  • Specialized youth crime prevention program in central Nabaa-Beirut and central Sabra (Palestinian camp).
  • Rehabilitation of underage women and girls who have been victims of sexual exploitation of abuse and violence at the Sin-el-Fill Center.

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