Group of Mercy

The Group of Mercy is composed of members of the society EPP. SLS supports this group and its activities morally and financially.

The purpose of the group
The group hopes to help as many poor families as possible. It wishes as a spiritual group to sow joy and happiness in the lives of poor families.

The group of mercy who works with love sincerely thanks all those who supported to achieve his goal.

Activities of the group

  1. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we visited on March 9, 2019, the Kfarmashoun retirement home. It was an emotional day that our mercy group spent with older women and during which we offered them flowers and woolen hats, made by 8 mothers (from disadvantaged families). Thus, we helped these 8 moms and at the same time we pleased the elderly.
  2. Christmas Mission:
    For the second year, we collected food products and distributed them to 19 needy families (parents of our own students) with a small sum of US $ 50.
  3. We provided psychic treatment to a divorced woman and her children.
  4. We provided beds for a family who did not even have comfortable beds to sleep on.
  5. We have provided medication to a few families with members undergoing ongoing treatment.