Civil Service

In 2010, the Swiss Government recognized SLS as an official partner for civilian service. Since then SLS has been involved in this project because civilian service replaces military service.

At the initiative of Adrian Scheuber the committee presented a request for membership in this program to the federal authorities. As the procedure had been successfully completed, it is now possible for young Swiss people to carry out a civil service in Lebanon in projects for peace. In 2010, Adrian Scheuber was able to carry out his four-month civil service in Lebanon.

In 2011, Fabian Dettling also carried out a 4-month civil service in Lebanon.

In 2014 Rachel Ledergerber spent nearly one year in Lebanon (11 months) as a social commitment. She engaged in “Message of Peace” an institution for the disabled. She was supported by Sister Mona Bejjani. Rachel has a blog on the internet where you can experience her stay.

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