Annual report 2019

SLS presents the 2019 annual report, which has been designed in a new form.

The first part is dedicated to our main project, the educational scholarships. The second part contains information on further SLS projects and the third part contains an update on the «CPP – Cercle pour la Paix».

Many texts in the 2019 annual report are deliberately kept short, further and detailed information can be found here on our website.

The SLS Board wishes you lots of fun reading.

Annual report 2019

Shipping annual report 2019

Thanks to a large amount of voluntary work on Friday and Saturday, the 2019 annual report could be sent promptly to our over 800 friends and donators.

Many thanks to all helpers!

Merry Christmas!

Dear friends, patrons and supporters – Dear SLS family

The board would like to thank you for all valuable contacts, discussions and meetings in 2019. We are very happy that we can count on a large circle of friends.

We wish everyone happy, peaceful holidays and all the best for the new year 2020!

Your SLS board

New websites on the SLS homepage

After the successful seminars in Lebanon in October, the cooperation between SLS and SMS has intensified. A newly formed scholarship commission has provided us with many additional information and information. For example, we have created five additional websites for our main project “Scholarships”.

Also in the large-scale project CTP, many questions were answered and we received clear statements and information. So also in this menu five additional websites could be activated.

As part of all these changes, six existing websites have also been redesigned or updated with new information.

Have fun browsing through our homepage.

Report travel to Lebanon October 2019

After weeks of intensive preparations in Switzerland but also with Skype conferences in Lebanon, Nabih Yammine, Tobias and Matthias Senn were in Lebanon for a week at the beginning of October 2019.

Conferences and meetings in Ehmej came off with visits. Seminars and talks, especially in Beit-Hebbak, have taken us a big step forward.

The travel report describes subjectively the experiences of Matthias Senn.

More Information:
Report travel to Lebanon October 2019, PDF (German)

Donations for Holy Masses

Thanks to generous donations, we have received funds for more than 300 Holy Mass readings in Lebanon. The Masses are read above all for peace and reconciliation.

A heartfelt “God bless” to all faithful donors.

Shipping Annual Report 2018

Thanks to the hard work of Tobias, Deborah and Jonas Senn, the help and good preparation of Nabih Yammine, more than 600 copies of the 2018 Annual Report were packed and shipped on Saturday, February 9, 2019.

SLS thanks the volunteers very much!