Only thanks to generous donations from Switzerland and Lebanon is it possible to finance such a project. We sincerely thank all patrons and donors for every small amount.

Construction phase 1 – shell construction
Planning, administration, excavation, and completion of the bodyshell cost USD 857,761.40.

This construction phase has been completed and the financial reports have been verified by an expert commission.

Construction phase 2 – expansion of main building
Clever negotiations in Lebanon have resulted in many discounts. In addition, many natural resources have been donated, such as stones, plates, etc. This has reduced the originally estimated costs of USD 466’700 .– for the construction phase 2 by almost 30%.

It lacks (as of November 2019) still USD 125,500 .–, so that the main building is completely habitable and usable. The numbers are composed as follows:
Interior work: complete development ground floor, basement: USD 76’500 .–
Exterior work: retaining walls, septic tank and water purification: USD 49’000.–

Construction phase 3 – extension of the chapel
The completion of Unit B, Chapel, is estimated at USD 160,000.–
Strengthening of the structural elements: USD 85’000 .–
Natural stone cladding, window frames and natural stone stairs, clay tiles: USD 75’000.–

For some points, e.g. the church bells, the financial means are already reserved.

Maintenance of the building
After the completion of the main building, it is extremely important to SLS that the maintenance of the building is ensured for the first few years. An initial estimate is expected to cost about USD 2’000 .– per month (electricity, water, heating, etc.)

The goal is for the building to become self-supporting after a few years.


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