The CPP in Lebanon

The house is located 80 km northeast of Tire Beirut in a natural environment that exudes tranquility and invites for thought and meditation.

Why the CPP in Lebanon?
Lebanon is a predestined land for peacebuilding work: 800,000 Palestinians since 1948, 2.5 million Syrians since 2010, not to mention other refugees and ethnic minorities displaced from their home countries have found refuge in the land of the Cedars.

This weight, which is often imposed on the country, dangerously weakens the socio-cultural balance. Wars and their consequences for misery and trauma require an urgent commitment to the service of peace.

Who finances the CPP?
Founded in 1988, SLS has always relied on Providence and human solidarity. Investing in peace is more profitable and rewarding than curing the wounds of war!

We sincerely thank Switzerland for trusting us and supporting our projects so generously.

Further information on financing the CPP

Who will take over the CPP?
The Congregation of Sisters of the Holy Sacrament (SMS), founded in 1966, has 50 sisters involved in seven socio-educational projects, including Beit Habbak High School, with 1400 students from 30 neighboring villages.

Is it worth it to invest in peace?
Investing in peace is more profitable than preparing for a war, but certainly more profitable than curing the many sufferings inflicted upon the victims and the innocent.

Engaging in peace means promoting the common good, upholding human rights and contributing to justice, an indispensable foundation for “the peace that is always in God”.

What is education for?
Education is the path to knowledge that leads to truth. Truth makes man free. Freedom necessarily leads him to choose the good that makes him happy simply by being useful to his fellow man.