Construction phases

Due to a wish of an anonymous, generous donor, the project “CPP – Cercle pour la Paix” was launched. The CPP has been designed as a meeting place for our more than 600 former and active scholars, as a haven of peace, education and training.

On March 25, 2014, the foundation stone was laid in Ehmej in a solemn ceremony.

Construction phase 1 – shell construction
After intensive planning work, the excavation began in 2016. Until late autumn 2017, the shell was completed.
An expert commission in Lebanon has checked all construction documents and financial reports. Thus, in March 2018, according to the convention signed in advance, the responsibility was transferred to the nuns SMS. The SLS committee received the discharge but continues to assist the sisters.

Construction phase 2 – expansion of main building
Alfred Khoueiry, the engineer responsible for the expansion of the main building, divided the shell into two blocks for better planning: Block A, Main Building – Block B, Chapel.

Since April 2018, much of the work has been concentrated on Block A, the main building, to bring the CPP to life. A jointly redesigned work process and organizational chart clearly regulate responsibilities and simplify communication between all parties in Switzerland and Lebanon.

In November 2019, the top two floors of the building were completed ready for occupancy, the remaining work is progressing steadily, depending on the availability of financial resources. The building is protected against weather.

Construction phase 3 – extension of the chapel
As soon as the main building is ready for occupancy, the last part of the construction project will be the expansion of the chapel.