Lebanon in pictures

Beirut, Place of the martyrs (city center) Beirut, private meeting (Bourj-Hammoud) Beirut, typical cityscape (Bourj-Hammoud) Arz Ehden, cedar woods Bekaa Kafka, birth place of St. Charbel
Deir El-Qamar, Genocide Memorial from 1960 (south of Beirut) Deir El-Qamar, typical donkey and faithful friend of a Lebanese farmer Beiteddine, Palace (south of Beirut) Beirut, Statue of St. François from college in Hamra Beirut, Olt Theatre, Trace of war (1975-1991)
Beirut, Trace of war (1975-1991) Baalbek, Bacchus Temple Baalbek, pillars of Jupiter temple Pater Khaound, hermit Beirut, Harissa – Notre Dame of Lebanon
Jounieh, in the North of Beirut Beit-Habbak, college “Jeune Fille” (in the North of Beirut) Beirut, teachers of college St. François in Hamra Typical Lebanese bread Ain Ebel, college St. Joseph (South-Lebanon)
Kadicha, monastry St. Elisée (in the North of Beirut) Bekaa, «Respect the cleanliness. Your city is your home. Keep it clean.” Sidon, craftsmanship (in the South of Beirut) Sidon, market street (in the South of Beirut) Sidon, Museum of soap (in the South of Beirut)