Scholarships for Lebanon in the service of Peace

In the beginning in 1988 in the college St. Fidelis in Stans SLS had the motto: “one college helps another college”. It has to be mentionned that Lebanon still was at war (1975-1991).

Shortly after a partnership was concluded between the college St. Fidelis (app. 500 students) and the “Collège des Apôtre” in Jounieh (2500 students) in the north of Beirut. Since then some scholarships have been offered to young Lebanese from disadvantaged environments. SLS has granted a financial help and a material help of 900 tons whereof 600 tons were first aid medical.

In 2008 our committee has defined the “Scholarships in Lebanon in the service of Peace” to be our main project. This decision was also motivated by signed alliances with our benefactors in Switzerland. To mention some: the family Elsener, owner of Victorinox, Oeuvre St. Justin, One World. We also need to mention the sponsorships offered by public organizations, religious communities, civil associations and private persons.
We are sincerely grateful to our benefactors. It is due to their loyal support that we have been able to offer the very impressing number of 700 scholarships for university, primary and secondary school. Our project of education and formation in the service of Peace is growing and developing in Lebanon.

We offer about fifty scholarships each year:
10 university, 40 secondary.

Valor of scholarships:
One scholarship university (A) = 1000 CHF per year
One scholarship secondary (B) = 700 CHF per year

Lebanon is a place of hospitality, coexistence and peace. Its youth makes it a privileged place of dialogue in the orient and a place where the people put live, the human rights above all other laws invented by human society.

The scholarships allow access to education which is an inalienable right of all people. These scholarships are offered in almost every region on Lebanon. They are an instrument of peace and they can give hope to young Lebanese who wish to engage themselves for peace and for the development of their country.

SLS in Switzerland decides the allocation of the scholarships. The committee in Lebanon assures a supervision. The administrative assistant takes care of the management, she verifies the authentic of the information on all levels. She also maintains contact with all persons involved. Our pedagogue consultants onsite assure a supervision. Thanks to the financial support, the moral of the persons and befriended institutions of SLS this project exists and prospers. It allows young disadvantaged Lebanese people to access education and formation. It favors the cultural and professional exchange between Switzerland and Lebanon. « L’Oeuvre St. Justin (OSJ)» and SLS, with the help of other partners, are developing this educational project with the benevolent support of the Swiss Embassy in Lebanon.

Attribution criterias

  1. « L’Oeuvre St-Justin (OSJ) » tries to finance the scholarships for university and SLS the secondary scholarships. The two associations intend to contribute to the training of professionals and executives from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  2. The committee in Lebanon presents the applications to SLS which decides on their allocation to the young people willing to pursue the stated objectives.
  3. The formation takes place in Lebanon. A post university formation could be done in Switzerland.
  4. The scholarships are allocated without any confessional or political criteria.
  5. In principle, scholarships may not be granted to the relatives of the Committee in Lebanon.


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