Art and Peace

The project «Art and Peace» was launched in the year 2014 by SLS.

The goal is to spread peace through art and to animate the population to look into the subject art, even to get active yourself to positively desgin the environment. An important instrument to do so is the education in arts. In workshops  (image 1) at different schools the basic techniques are learned with a high focus on art in the public sector/graffiti.

It’s an important concern to make art accesible to everybody. Art should also create a balance to the hard reality and past of the country. Through art traumatic experiences can be processed, the negative can be transformed into something positive. Another goal is to support young and ambitious artists to give them a platform to make their work known internationally.

Morover the project “Art and Peace” wants to animate and to inspire.


What happened until now:

  • January – April 2015: first trip of Adrian Gander (artist and designer from SLS) to Lebanon to design walls of school buildings (image 2) and to hold workshops.
  • 2016 work on the book project “Color for/from Lebanon” which documents the first trip and presents 13 artists from Lebanon with interviews and images.
  • April-Mai 2017: second trip of Adrian Gander in Lebanon with the goal to present the book, have a follow up on further artistic projects and to build new relationships.

Image 1:
Female students of the college St. Francois in Hamra, Beirut while designing a wall in April 2015

Image 2:
A wall in a School in Beit-Habbak which was designed during the stay of Adrian Gander in 2015