Exhibition “Les Arbres Que Nous Sommes”

“Les Arbres Que Nous Sommes”, or in English: “The Trees The We Are” is the mystical title of the upcoming exhibition of Adrian Gander and Nabih Yammine in the inner choir of the Capuchin Church in Stans. It will open on 4 May with a vernissage at 8.15 pm. It is a joint event of “Solidarité-Liban-Suisse” (SLS) and Verein Kapuzinerkirche Stans (VKS).

Adrian Gander (Buochs), who initiated the “Art & Paix” (Art and Peace) project in 2015 under the patronage of the “Solidarité-Liban-Suisse” (SLS) association, has already made 3 colorful trips to Lebanon. With the project, gray wall surfaces are made colorful by means of art and creativity, such as courtyards and facades of school buildings in Lebanon.

Nabih Yammine (Stans), born in Lebanon, who founded the SLS association in Nidwalden over 30 years ago, has been living in Switzerland for a long time, looking after the well-being of his compatriots in the Middle East. For years, he has painted meditative watercolors for the treatment of trauma, for example, the Lebanese civil war. This is the first time that he has made his work available to the public. Although he sees himself as a layman in the art world, Adrian Gander was able to convince him, fascinated by the quality of his works, to exhibit together with him across Generations.

The exhibition unites East and West as well as generations and cultures. She wants to stimulate visitors to think. She speaks of mysticism and the hidden, to find the roots of oneself, one own inner peace. Therefore the title “The Trees That We Are”. It does not only stay in the crown of trees and portray the beautiful leaves. Curator Armin Gruber will discuss this topic.

The opening of this exhibition in the Capuchin Church Stans also has a spiritual background. The same day, at 7:30 pm, a Mass celebrated by Josef Zwyssig (Spiritual of Lebanon-Switzerland NW), pastor of Bouchs, commemorates St. Charbel Makhlouf, the Lebanese hermit of peace whose relics are in the Capuchin Church. This is coupled with the impressions of the peace work experience of Lieutenant Colonel Pascal Kohler of Swissint (Stans), particularly in the Middle East.

Nabih Yammine: Tree Adrian Gander: w/o title
Adrian Gander: Fire and Air Adrian Gander: Water and Ground