Book “Color for Lebanon”

Adrian Gander, BA Visual Communication with focus on Graphic Design, lives and works in Nidwalden. Born in 1991, he sprayed his tags and graffiti in 2007 under his pseudonym ANOY. With his studies at the Lucerne University of Art, the native Buochser emancipated himself into an artist in profession.

In January 2015, Adrian Gander traveled to Lebanon on behalf of Solidarité Lebanon Suisse (SLS) to express his artistic potential on site. The catalyst for this trip was the friendship with Nabih Yammine, a former teacher at the College of St. Fidelis and co-founder of SLS. This resulted in Gander’s commitment to work for peace on behalf of SLS. A collaboration that will continue in the future.

ANOY visited schools in Lebanon, gave workshops and colored the gray schoolhouse walls with the students and his art. In addition, the four-month stay in the Far East was also a great source of inspiration and encounters with the community of Beirut and its surroundings.

In the form of a book, Gander’s experiences and his work have been made accessible to a broader target group, the activities of the SLS association receive appreciation and a lighthouse for artistic exchange in the sign of peace has been erected.

Example pictures

The book can be bought on site in the following libraries:

  • Stans: Bücher Von Matt
  • Bern: Stauffacher, Münstergasse
  • Lucerne: Comix & Remix
  • Fribourg: Librophoros
  • Beirut: Librairie Stephan
  • or online