Music and Peace

Music is a universal language that transcends borders and all barriers. Music carries feelings, it transmits personal hope and joy in life. SLS supports the discovery and learning of music across borders.

1. Who Works for Music & Peace
Professional musicians from Freiburg, Carole Collaud (flutist) and Yvan Braillard (guitarist) join SLS in 2013, wishing to share their passion and work for peace in Lebanon. They make two trips in 2013 where they multiply interesting encounters. The Music & Peace project was born.

Christoph Schuler, violinist of Stans, joined SLS in 2016. He composed “Meditation on Peace” which was presented 3 times in Lebanon and 7 times in Switzerland. Other musicians and artists occasionally join the project.

2. Project
The aim of the project is to build bridges through music by:

  • concerts in Lebanon
  • musical training for young Lebanese
  • music workshops

3. Our Philosophy
During our concerts we propose a trip around the world that allows escape and connection to emotions. In our teaching we always favor creativity, respect and tolerance in resonance with the student, whoever he may be.