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In article 5 of the statuts Solidarität Libanon-Schweiz (SLS) is placing itself under the protection of Our Lady from Lebanon, the patrons and peace bringers of Switzerland and Lebanon Saint Charbel and Saint Bruder Klaus von Flüe.

SLS follows the Principles of the Spiritual Appael of Geneva, which was signed in 1999 by representatives of the most important world religions, big mundane organisations, by the president of the international committe of the Red Cross (IKRK), the UNO high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) as well as by the general director of the world health organisation (WHO):

  1. A refusal to invoke a religious or spiritual power to justify violence of any kind.
  2. A refusal to invoke a religious or spiritual source to justify discrimination and exclusion.
  3. A refusal to exploit or dominate others by means of strength, intellectual capacity or spiritual persuasion, wealth or social status.

On this basis our attention is focused on the mundane and religious convictio which lead us to solicitousness and help towards people in beed. But our final goal is the search for peace, faithful tp the words of Bruder Klaus: “Peace is always in God, God is the Peace“.

Spiritual projects in the service of peace:

  • Spiritual alliance between Switzerland and Libanon in 2006
  • Over 70 places of veneration of the patrons of peace Bruder Klaus und St. Charbel
  • Pravers for peace every first Friday and every first Saturday of the month in Stans and Sachseln
  • Funding of masses in Lebanon
  • Request for prayers
  • Prayer for Peace, Reconciliation and Cure every first Friday of the month from 19.00h to 19.30h. At 19.30h celebration of Eucharist.
  • Vision of peace of Saint Bruder Klaus in the schools in Lebanon where SLS is funding scholarships
  • Workshops, conferences, interviews, discussions, chaperonage
  • Contact points and activities:
    • Group Spirituality and Peace: Father Nikodem Röösli, Miss Annamarie Zuber-Elsener, Sr Maria- Baptista, Andrea Marty, Nabih Yammine
    • Pastor Joseph Zwyssig in Nidwalden
    • Sisters St. Klara in Stans
    • Contact points in Lebanon: Sister Mona Bejjani, Beit Hebbak, Father Toni Sakr (Bekaa)
    • Request for prayers in Lebanon: Dr Robert Caracache and Sr Mona
    • Material: religious objects, Oil of St Charbel, etc.
      To order at:
      Devotionalien Reding
      Schmiedenstr. 34
      CH-8840 Einsiedeln
      Tél : 079 669 28 27Editions du Parvis
      Rte de l’église 71
      CH-1648 Hauteville
      Tél. : 026 915 93 93