Project Launch «sport et paix» March 2015 in Lebanon

At Solidarité Liban-Suisse SLS the idea of ​​sport and peace was Born long ago. There are some things that can touch and bring the most different people together in the same way. This includes, for example, music, spirituality and also sports. In common sports you move and have fun together. This simple idea is the result of the “sport et paix” project.

In March 2015, I was allowed to visit the schools in Lebanon as part of a SLS delegation and as responsible for “sport et paix” during a week. It was an incredibly valuable and impressive experience for me. School sport has little value in Lebanon and the students have to be content with an average of 30 minutes of sports per week. In addition, the sports infrastructures, if at all available, are then often in very bad condition and the sports teachers are usually completely overwhelmed by the multitude of classes to be supervised.

The idea to bring the pupils with a mobile volleyball net a little change and to put the sports lessons on the beach, was enthusiastically received. The 30 new beach and foot volleyballs also made a lot of fun.

A first step has been taken and we have recognized where the shoe is most pressing and how to promote the sporting activities of the young people with the help of a sensible mean. In any case, it is worthwhile to provide further resources for the «sport et paix» project and also to link it specifically with peace promotion.

We would like to thank the company Funtec, which offered the mobile network systems at the start-up prices as well as you, dear SLS-patrons, who make such a project possible. God will reward you.

Benny Zwyssig, Buochs