Solidarité Liban Suisse – SLS

Who is SLS?
SLS is a humanitarian non-profit association based and registerd on the Swiss civil law.

Was does SLS do?
SLS supports the education and formation of disadvantaged children and adoliscents in Lebanon. At the same time SLS encourages them to engage themselves for peace and to help constructing a better future.

Goals of the association

The main aim of the association is to support young people from Switzerland and Lebanon, a partnership based on spiritual values and personal commitment life perspective through:

(a) promoting inter-societal contact, dialogue and exchange especially among young people from different regions of Switzerland and
(b) promoting access to a decent, modern and safe holistic education and training for disadvantaged young people
(c) promotion and support of socio-educational and/or basic medical facilities, where both concrete help for those in need and exchange across the boundaries of cultures and religious denominations can be experienced
d) In crisis and disaster situations, emergency aid for families in need and social/school institutions
e) All projects of the Association are intended to contribute to peacebuilding.

Further information about the current projects and the realized projects can be found on these links on our homepage.