About us

There are four board members at the moment in SLS who work voluntary to lead the projects of the association.

Armin Gruber
Co-President, protocolist, editor
Nabih Yammine
Spirituality and Peace, project coordination, public relations, correspondence
Adrian Gander
Art and Peace, SLS designer, layout

Since the founding in 1988 SLS is engaging in Lebanon to help building a durable peace. Since 2008 we mainly invest in scholarships in Lebanon. With these means we want to make a better future possible for young and disadvantaged Lebanese.

We facilitate the Encounter between Muslims and Christians, we also support various combined projects in different regions in Lebanon and we encourage the exchange between Switzerland and Lebanon to better share the human and spiritual values with each other.

SLS links alliances with pedagodical agencies in Switzerland and encourages them to also arrange them between partner schools in Lebanon. In addition to our donators these alliances make it possible for us to give financial help and further education for the stipendiearies.

Apostolic blessing of Pope Francis
SLS has received a certificate and blessing from Pope Francis for his 30th anniversary.
 Apostolic blessing of Pope Francis, French (PDF)


There is more individual information available for the board members.

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Statutes SLS
 Statutes SLS French (PDF) –  Statutes SLS German (PDF)