Donations / Membership / Friends

Every donation, as small as it might be, will help us to give children in Lebanon an unburdend education and future. We make sure to have very small administrative costs, therefore every donation reaches directly the person in need. In addition to that we can create a confirmation about your donation so  you can deduct this from taxes.

Bank account
Bank: Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft, Raiffeisenplatz, 9001 St. Gallen – Schweiz
IBAN (CHF): CH69 8080 8008 3482 9154 3
BC-Nr. 80808

Membership / Friends
Every person interested can register for our association (we are more than 350 members at the moment). Before you Register we kindly ask you to read our rules and regulations and to inform yourselves about our goals. The annual membership fee is CHF 20.–. Every donation of our friends, as small as it might be, is highly appreciated.


 Statutes SLS French (PDF) –  Statutes SLS German (PDF)