Many thanks for your support!

These donators have concloded an agreement with us to fund our scholarships in Lebanon:

  • Victorinox, Schwyz
  • Oeuvre St. Justin, Fribourg
  • One World, Thalwil ZH
  • Kloster St. Klara, Stans NW
  • Evangelisch-Refomrierte Kirche Nidwalden, Stans NW
  • Seelsorgeeinheit Neutoggenburg, SG
  • Röm. kath. Pfarrei St. Niklaus, Hergiswil am See NW

These donators provide us with infrastructure, help and advice:

  • KAN, Stans NW
  • Éditions du Parvis, Hauteville FR
  • Verein Kapuzinerkirche Stans NW
  • Raiffeisen, Stans NW
  • Stiftung Bruder Klaus, Sachseln OW
  • Devotionalien Redding, Einsiedeln SZ
  • Communauté du Cénacle, Sauges NE
  • Le Cénacle, Genève
  • Abbaye d’Hauterive, FR
  • Clubdesk, BS
  • Hostpoint, ZH

The list of donators and supporters would be even longer. Some friends prefer to stay anonymous.