Engagement pour la Paix

The students working for peace have made their promises at the Notre Dame des Anges – ENDA Badaro (Beirut) school. This is the founding act of the Association EPP.

We want to be the authors of Peace

  1. By fulfilling the will of God in our lives;
  2. By helping to build the culture of brotherhood and mercy;
  3. By calling for reconciliation and forgiveness;
  4. By living love and tolerance;
  5. By teaching others the language of peace and love;
  6. Because we do not trample on the other with our egoism and our ambitions;
  7. By exercising justice and truth;
  8. By wishing for others the same as for ourselves;
  9. By accepting each other, despite differences in culture, background and religion;
  10. By helping each other to meet the needs of others;
  11. By carrying olive branches in our hands;
  12. By calling for peace and praying for it.

SLS is ideally associated with the scholarship Association “Engagement pour la Paix”, founded in Beirut in 2014.

“Engaged” is the projection of the promises we made at the 2014 announcement to explain that we are ready to build bridges and sow peace.

Being engaged focuses on translating our promises to translate our words into action against God, others and ourselves, reflecting the true meaning of solidarity and peace, and thus remaining partners in that circle, offering and sharing all the gifts that God has given us.

Jennifer Saliba