Partner SMS

Partner in Lebanon Partner in Switzerland

SMS, the missionary sisters of the Holy Sacrament, are partners of Solidarité Liban-Suisse. SMS has committed to service to the human person, regardless of any exclusion criteria, especially denominational.

Since 2010, SMS and SLS have cooperated in various educational projects in Lebanon with the aim of creating peace. Our main project is “Educational scholarships in Lebanon”. SLS has offered more than 750 scholarships worth more than USD 650,000 over the last decade. Since 2014, we are building together in Lebanon the CTP – Cercle de Travail pour la Paix, a home for peace.

SMS activities:

  • Ain Warka, Ghosta: Social work of “Jeunes Filles du Liban”, novitiate, spiritual retreat center.
  • Beit-Habbak, Jbeil: School with 1400 pupils (from kindergarten to maturity), which covers the educational and training needs of the 30 neighboring villages, the pharmacy, the embroidery and the sewing workshop.
  • Kfarmasshoun, Jbeil: nursing home and home of «Jeunes Filles du Liban»
  • Meziarah: sanctuary of the Mother of Mercy, retirement home.
  • Badaro, Beirut: Sacred Heart Church, pastoral activities.
  • Jeita: Saint-Maroun Center: daycare and pharmacy, pastoral activities.
  • Brazil, Porto Allegre: Retirement home and pastoral care.
  • Ehmej: CTP, Cercle de Travail pour la Paix

These SMS projects are a response to the many urgent needs of Lebanon.

Based on over 10 years of good experience, SMS and SLS further reinforced mutual trust in October 2019 and signed a far-reaching partnership agreement in Ehmej, Lebanon.