College Beit-Habbak

Collège de la Jeune Fille du Liban

Founded in 1966 by Father Emile Géara from Habil, Jbeil, the “Collège de la Jeune Fille du Liban” has become an indispensable institution in the region.

The college in Beit-Habbak now teaches more than 1,400 students from 30 neighboring villages. For fifteen years, not only are the students taught the basics of the school, but they are also taught the Christian and social values, regardless of the sex or religion of the children and young adults. This lays the foundation for later, peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding.

An educational council leads the fortunes of the high school so successfully that the school has already won several prizes. Just recently she received the “Price of Peace” from UNESCO.

SLS has supported this exceptional school for more than ten years. A five-member scholarship commission of the school, in collaboration with SLS in Switzerland, selects those students who receive a one-year educational scholarships on the basis of clearly defined selection criteria. After one year, the situation is reassessed and the scholarship renewed if necessary.