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Wadiaa Khoury

University teacher and researcher in the field of educational policy.

I met Mr. Nabih Yammine in Caux in 2010 at the end of a Sabbatical year that I took for the search for my vocation. I had distanced myself from my work and my country following a series of disappointments caused by the complexities of our corrupt system of confessionalism, favoritism and lack of trust.

I had spent 10 months traveling with “Initiatives of Change”, including 5 months in the company of a very small team chaired by a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi, who then presided over the international movement of “Initiatives and Change”, whose head office is in Switzerland. The last station of the trip was at the center of IofC in Caux, and I wondered in the middle of the many responsibilities that I had during the final conference in progress, what would be my next steps once back in Lebanon.

I had seriously considered pursuing my studies with a doctorate in education sciences, in order to work closely with future educators: the main actors of a real reform in a deeply wounded country like Lebanon. But the biggest obstacle, besides the challenge by the university of my path more legal than educational, was the financial side, especially since I had taken an unpayed Sabbatical year.

Mr. Yammine, following our brief conversation in Caux was able to understand my vision and my passion. He made the necessary connections to support the largest percentage of my doctoral scholarship. The challenge of the university was reversed by another providential intervention of which I will testify in time.

But that’s what could be accomplished during and after the end of my doctoral course:

  • I took charge of training in 45 public schools in South Lebanon, directors and coordinators, Leadership skills
  • I teach since 2014 at the faculty of sciences of education of the Saint-Joseph University, then progressively until today I took charge of courses of “citizenship and sustainable development”, “educational system Lebanese “,” educational legislation “, etc … at the Lebanese University, the University of the Holy Spirit and Antonine University. I have an annual contact with 500 to 700 students, the majority being in faculties of education sciences.
  • I was a member of the team of 15 experts who drafted the new national curriculum for citizenship education. I was also coordinator of the specific part of the secondary classes.
  • I was responsible for writing the “Social Work Project Guide” which is now published in 10,000 copies and distributed to 2,000 high schools in Lebanon to guide students in charge of doing at least 60 hours of service during the secondary school cycle.
  • I co-authored training guides and since 2015 I have given regular training with the “Adyan Foundation”, which specializes in dialogue and active citizenship inclusive diversity.
  • I recently received final acceptance of my postdoctoral research project, which will be covered by a Fulbright scholarship. The project will focus on innovation in education and will require a stay for 6 to 9 months in the United States.

These are the main lines of my engagements during the last 5 years, except for the interventions and informal initiatives. Surely, nothing was possible without the Faith which is also a gift.