Every donation, as small as it might be, will help us to give children in Lebanon an unburdend education and future. We make sure to have very small administrative costs, therefore every donation reaches directly the person in need. In addition to that we can create a confirmation about your donation so  you can deduct this from taxes.

Especially helpful are partnerships that allow us to budget for several years with a certain (even small) amount. This allows us to support hardship cases for the duration of the training.

In order to help with special, unforeseeable hardship cases, a sponsorship can be taken over. SLS will contact you if such an event occurs.

More information on sponsorships

Occasions, Events
We have often received donations through collections at birthdays, concerts, seminars, masses and many other occasions. Contact us if you need more information about SLS.

Surprisingly, we have been gifted more often by legate. All these funds benefited our main project.

If you continue to tell our tireless and long-standing success story and SLS thereby gaines more prominence, this helps us a lot.

KnowHow, advice
You can also help us by providing feedback on our activities or assisting us with your private and professional skills.

Bank account
Bank: Raiffeisen, CH-6374 Buochs
IBAN: CH69 8080 8008 3482 9154 3

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