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Valerie Boueiry
I knew SLS from the performance of Music and Peace in our school. According to this family who helped me not only financially but also intellectually, I was able to choose musical education my specialization at the Lebanese University to realize one of my dreams to become an educator to help children in the coming days.

Tony Abi Daoud
The support that SLS provides me has allowed me to continue my education. An education that blooms in me, not only academic knowledge but also values of peace, love and tolerance.

Sandra Farhat
SLS teaches us the importance of living peace, of making it emanate from our soul in order to spread it around us. We spread peace, becoming in our turn messengers of Peace.

Rita Hachem
After the death of my father, it was a little difficult for my mother to provide for all the needs of our family. SLS reached out and helped us.

Rafka Saliba
Above all, being a member of SLS, has made the spirit of caring, peace and love of the Creator and his Creature proliferate in me. But also, at the financial level, SLS is a support for my family who is bending under the burden of the economic Crisis.

Patricia Assaker
My presence in the SLS group is a chance to train my mind to a different view of the world; a vision that is more peaceful, more kind, more generous, more tolerant … in short, more humane.

Janice Safi
This SLS scholarship, which seems to be a small amount of money, helped me a lot. On one hand, it reduced the load of my university expenses and on the other hand it made me more or less independent of my parents. This help is a great act of goodness that encourages me to progress in my studies so that I can one day perform the same act.

Jane Saadé
My family is large: 6 children, my father and my mother pregnant with the 7th child. SLS’s financial support is a relief given that the country’s economic situation does not allow my father to prosper his Career.

Elizabeth Hawat
SLS gives me the chance to meet and to get to know young people like me, with whom I share experiences and visions of life. We are all trained to live and live peace through music, sports and, above all, respect for nature.

My name is Jennifer Saliba and I am a former University Scholarship holder who has been working in SLS for eight years and recently sits on the committee as an EPP delegate, instructor and advisor.

As a former scholarship holder, I know that the scholarship is more of a moral than financial support to understand the true meaning of peace and solidarity and to translate these two values into my life.

I have recently graduated in Biodiversity (Management and Conservation of Natural Resources) and must find a scholarship to fund my doctoral studies and then put all my knowledge into the service of the CTP (Cercle de Travail pour la Paix).

Pierita Karout
The efforts you have made for us for five years: time, advice, moral support, and financial help have opened the door to great ambitions … all of this forges my life. I could never thank you enough for all that you have given us.Mr. Pierre Karout: Pierita’s father
For my family, SLS embodies the glowing torch that guides my daughter Pierita through the darkness of her painful life following her mother’s illness, which has been in a coma for 5 years. SLS offers her moral support that relieves her suffering, tremendous support that guides her on her difficult path, and financial support that is important to us in the poor financial situation of our Family.

Nour Yazbeck
At various points in my life, I found obstacles so difficult to master that I thought I would never see the end of the tunnel. In each of these moments, SLS was there to comfort me and help me move forward. One thing is for sure, without you I would not have been able to do anything. Thank you.

Mrs. Marie Claire Awad: The mother of Cynthia Awad
The support that SLS offered to my daughter is a glowing hope for me that calms me down and allows me to dream of a better future for her. The education for peace and respect for others is a permanent basis for the development of one’s own character. And the financial help opens new horizons for the realization of her academic and professional dreams.

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